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Created by a passionate the 'Ferronnerie d'Art Française' company is at your service for all your metalwork.

A Quality Mark

Sylvain Mabille de Poncheville, an heritage enthusiast, is a wrought iron craftsman since 2006 throughout France and the world. During his apprenticeship he was three time national gold medalist in the competition "Un des Meilleurs Apprentis de France" (one of the best apprentices in France), in metal-work, wrought iron and bronze work. Back in his hometown (near Poitiers in France ) he created the "SARL Ferronnerie d'Art Française" and brings together a team of talented craftmens highly trained that ensures a high quality of design and construction. We make a point of honor to carry out the work with noble techniques, forging, stamping, hot piercing, stretching, bulges, rivets, screws, pins, fire welding, and "repousse" ... The ten highly trained craftsmen's signature "Ferronnerie d'Art Française" is a guarantee of quality and search for perfection...

The process of designing our projects is important
The project after installation

Our engagement

Our goal today is to live up to past achievements, whether to restore them or to create the heritage of tomorrow ...

The quality of our repousse details on our projects

Our dedication and commitment to push our metalwork further at every new project is leading us to a whole new level of details and style for our clients. The knowledge of our history and our ability to restore our ancient landmark heritage in France remain our solid basis of our craft, nevertheless we are constantly improving our process with news techniques, but always for the final beauty of the project, never for making our work industrial. The handcrafted touch and inspiration are truly our way of making metalwork as art for architecture. As Juan Pablo Molyneux once said "Any quality product has an inherent ability to stand out from the crowd, so it doesn't have to be trendy." we truly believe of the intemporality of our high-ends creations. We are putting our souls into our work and that is reflected in the feelings that our creations provokes.

detail of our patina on architectural bronze

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