Vocational Library

A documentary wealth

Essential to all research work and design, books are part of the company's heritage. The French heritage is rich of books, but also of forged masterpiece. We have a rich library of over 25,000 photographs of French masterpiece spread all over the territory.

Vocational Library

The books of the 16th century to today

With a library of over 350 books from 1556 the company can easily look at the right styles and techniques of very different periods.

Books from 16th century to today

Historical works pictures

In addition, for over 6 years Sylvain Mabille de Poncheville travel in France to compile a maximum of wrought iron pieces still in place. This library of over 25 000 photographs of masterpiece of all kind since the eleventh century allows the company to offer serious studies based on the books and period pieces, to be closer to the historical reality of your heritage.

Historical pieces pictures